Beauty: Skincare

Bedtime Beauty

Blogger, photographer and all-around
creative girl boss Zanita Whittington shows us
how she really gets her beauty sleep.

“I’m pulling stink eye in front of the camera all day.” It’s not the first thing you’d expect to hear from a photographer about her job, but seeing Zanita Whittington at work, it does ring true. As the founder and creative director of her namesake blog Zanita Studio, Whittington constantly has her eye to the lens, scoping out what could make for a gorgeous candid or street-style snap. She’s shot for the likes of, ELLE, and a whole host of clients, and all that time spent squinting does take a toll on her skin, she admits.

That’s why she was so eager to get her hands on the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix. Not only does the formula hydrate eyes (even the most active ones) for a full 24 hours, thanks to a double dose of hyaluronic acid, but Whittington shares that the built-in massaging wand is so soothing for her tired eye area. Knowing that this was just one of her secrets to still getting carded when she goes out for drinks, we asked her to let us in on the rest of her nighttime routine to see what keeps her glowing allover. Watch and learn, then sleep a little
prettier tonight.

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