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Next in our series with makeup artist, photographer
and blogger Robin Black of Beauty Is Boring,
we’re introducing you to the Double Wear foundation
family—where there’s a finish for any occasion.

Take a quick scan of your closet. (We’ll wait.) How many pairs of black shoes do you own? If it’s less than three, we tip our virtual hats to your minimalist aesthetic. But, more than likely, it’s a few to several pairs more than that, and we know as well as you do that each pair serves a very distinct yet equally important purpose.

And believe it or not, that same philosophy can apply to your foundation. The idea that you need one perfect formula for all of your makeup needs is about as last season as, well, last season’s trendy shoes. What makes your makeup life easier (and more fun) is to have a roster of complexion products you can rotate through to suit whatever your skin is feeling on a particular day. Running around on the weekend and just need some light coverage? Double Wear Cushion BB creates the perfect skin-like finish, plus offers SPF protection. Putting in a marathon day of meetings and then out to dinner? Double Wear Stay-in-Place liquid gives you 24-hours of flawless.

That’s why we enlisted Robin Black of the blog Beauty Is Boring to showcase some of our most popular Double Wear Makeup options and share what she loves about each one. And, much like a pair (or three) of classic black shoes, a foundation wardrobe that helps you look and feel your best never goes out of style.

Stay tuned for more videos throughout the next several months. To learn more about Robin Black and her work, check her out at

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