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Relaxation Done Right

Meet the next big thing in on-demand beauty.
The co-founders of luxe massage spa The Now explain
how they’re bringing the ease and accessibility of a
blowout or manicure bar to massage.


Streets with the word “boulevard” in the name aren’t usually known for a sense of tranquility. Yet that’s exactly what you feel upon entering The Now, a luxe massage spa on L.A.’s busy Beverly Boulevard, near The Grove. It’s a space that doesn’t just soothe you—it completely transports you to the fashionably chill Caribbean beach town of Tulum. “The inspiration for the space came from our respective love for Mexico, specifically Tulum, where there is such a relaxed vibe,” say co-founders Gara Post and Erica Malbon. The light, crisply white spa they designed features natural and raw materials—such as reclaimed wood, cotton canvas and linen, cacti, and homemade wall hangings—accented with warm jasmine and cocoa scented candles. “We both grew up traveling [to Tulum] with our families, and now continue the tradition with our own kids.”

Post, the designer behind the fine jewelry line Gara Danielle, and Malbon, a marketing executive and designer of high-end travel accessories, were introduced by friends when they began talking about how, unlike blowouts and manicures, there was no place one could find affordable massages in a luxurious environment. “We have both experienced how healing massage can be and strongly believe in the power of touch,” Post says. “Our goal is to provide people the opportunity to connect with themselves and recharge on a regular basis.”

Our ultimate goal is to help people feel good—to help them relax, connect, and be in the moment.

At The Now, which will be opening a second Los Angeles-area location this spring, you not only don’t have to stress about price (you can get a 25-minute massage for as little $35 and an 85-minute massage for $85, with add-ons like aromatherapy costing $5), you don’t have to stress about making an appointment, either. Walk-ins are welcome, and appointments for the Type A among us can be easily made online. “Our ultimate goal is to help people feel good—to help them relax, connect and be in the moment,” say Post and Malbon, “just like how you feel when you’re on vacation.”

So just how does one transition back into the real world after a 30-minute trip to Mayan Riviera bliss? “Do something you enjoy, stay off your phone, stay connected to your breath, go for a walk, or take a salt bath,” say the two. “And, above all, remember to be kind to yourself.”

The Now, 7611 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 323-746-5525;

Photos by Grant Legan.

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