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World Tour

Ever wonder who’s wearing your signature shade
across the world? Take a lipstick trip with us.

With the Internet and social media bringing us closer than ever, we've also been given a voyeuristic look at beauty trends across the globe like never before. (Case in point: the explosion of Korean beauty.) And as much as we love going product treasure-hunting in various cities, we were curious as to how our Estée Lauder favorites fared from country to country.

In celebration of the expansion of our cult-status Pure Color Envy Matte lipstick collection, we decided to see which shades of the original Pure Color Envy ranked highest in the hearts and minds (and on the pouts) of women around the world. We dug up data from the following places: Australia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Read on to see how your go-to shades stack up.

Most likely to already be in your makeup bag:

Rebellious Rose
Of the 10 countries we surveyed, this was the #1 selling shade in 9 of them. (It came in at #3 in South Africa, where women preferred Intense Nude as their
lipstick star.)

Make it Matte:
Culture Clash
This shade amps up the amount of pink, but in a creamy matte finish
that’s irresistibly chic.

Most likely to be your “My Lips But Better” (or MLBB) shade:

Intense Nude
This universally-flattering nude also ranked high in nearly all 10 countries, and it’s no surprise why: It’s the perfect nude with just a touch of pink that looks like your natural lips, but better.

Make it Matte:
Metal Mauve
This metallic matte (an all-new formula and finish!) gives you a similar dusty rose nude color like Intense Nude, but with a brushed metal finish that’s matte without looking flat.

Most likely to make you feel fierce:

The ultimate red that women are reaching for from France to Japan. No matter where you wear it, this eye-catching shade always makes a statement.

Make it Matte:
Decisive Poppy
According to Violette, our Global Beauty Director, a quintessentially Parisian look always involves a matte red lip she describes as “red velvet.” This shade and finish gives you just that.

Most likely to wake up your makeup:

Defiant Coral
It’s easy to fall into a lipstick rut. When you’ve got your go-to nudes and reds, what more do you need? But this punchy color popped up in the top 10 from India to Korea and earns our vote as the unsung lipstick hero that makes you look
more alive.

Make it Matte:
Short Fuse
A bright matte mouth is always a good idea when you’re looking to shake up your routine (and also when you’re not!). Even if you tend to shy away from bright colors, you might be surprised at how this luxe matte coral makes your whole
complexion glow.

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