Beauty: Editor's Pick

Blush Crush

With so many Estée Lauder products to choose from,
it’s hard to play favorites. But that won’t stop us from trying.
Here’s what we’re loving this month.

Blush isn’t one of those super-complicated products. You just want it to give you some nice color, blend really well and make your cheekbones pop. These are just a few reasons why Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush is so, well, enviable. It’s made up of superfine (we mean feel-like-silk) pigment particles that, when smoothed over skin, look like an actual natural flush. Plus, it stays put, so you can count on your flattering flush sticking around (we all feel that 3 o’clock slump, but don’t want to look like it). And with a formula this concentrated, a little goes a long way—a light dusting is all you need to look alive. Be rosy, be tawny, be daring in bright pink. To make things even easier, our I ♥ Blush 3 Minute Beauty technique shows you exactly how to apply it.

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