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Beauty Goals

Watch as social media star Candela
reveals her best beauty secrets. Prepare to be inspired!

Our favorite thing about YouTube and social media is that it allows us to be voyeurs into women’s beauty routines. While we’re constantly experimenting with our own, there’s nothing quite like seeing exactly how someone else applies foundation or dots on eyeliner to inspire you to try a new technique.

That’s why we were particularly excited to watch model, street style star and all around glamorous jet setter Candela in action. Much like her covetable fashion sense—chic and effortless, yet always with a distinctive twist—her makeup routine is, on the surface, quite simple. With just a few key products, she achieves a beautifully polished look, but she has an exclusively Candela way of applying them that makes the look truly her own. From a surprising method for maximizing her concealer (“So I don’t look like a panda!” she explains), to a quick lipstick trick for a subtle wash of color, there’s so much to be inspired by. Consider it the beauty equivalent of "shopping your closet"—you don’t need a whole new makeup bag to refresh your look (though if you don’t already own what she’s using here, you’ll want to start shopping our site).

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