April 19,

If you’re starting to feel that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough, we’re right there with you. There is barely enough time to get through everything on our need-to-do lists, much less our want-to-do lists. And the first thing to be sacrificed when life gets so full? Sleep.

For the over-scheduled and time-starved among us, sleep has become a luxury. We long for it, and yet it can so cruelly elude us when we finally have time to get it. Fortunately, we’ve got a friend who knows a thing or two about creating the perfect sleeping environment. Meet Ariel Kaye, the founder of Parachute Home: her mission is to make high-quality bedding and a good night’s sleep more affordable and achievable.

And Kaye herself is no stranger to intensely busy days, so we asked the entrepreneur to share her tips for guaranteeing a good night’s sleep, no matter what kind of day you had.

What inspired you to start Parachute?
Years ago, while traveling in Italy, I found myself in a picturesque hotel on the Amalfi Coast. After a long day, I climbed into bed and discovered the softest, most sumptuous sheets I’d ever encountered. When I returned home, I went on a quest for similar sheets, but I couldn’t find a single brand that was high quality, affordable or easy to buy. There was a void in the bedding market—and I’d never realized it until then.

Because home decor and interior design had always been interests of mine, the idea of Parachute was a natural fit. Plus it was an opportunity to contribute to others’ wellness. I was inspired to create a brand that helped people start and end their days feeling their very best!

In our jam-packed world, sleep has become something of a luxury. What does a “luxurious” sleep mean to you?
Sleeping through the night without waking up is pure luxury to me! There’s nothing better than waking up after a night of truly deep rest.

What are your personal essentials for the perfect night’s sleep?
The perfect bed is built upon a good foundation, and for me that starts with our Feather Bed. It’s an extra layer of luxury that cannot be missed. Of course, the next layer is Parachute Sheets. I skip the Top Sheet because it just ends up tangled at the foot of the bed. I like to use our All Season Down Duvet, which I’m currently topping with a Linen Duvet Cover, then add two Euros, two pillows and two shams atop the bed. Adding an assortment of pillows makes for an inviting bed in my opinion—the more the merrier!

I also spritz my linens before bed with a homemade room spray. Right now I’m very into notes of lavender. It’s an easy and fun DIY project.

The body is an amazing thing and very attuned to what you need.
It is so important to recharge and take space in order to be your best self.

What are your best tips for guaranteeing a good night’s sleep?
Clean the Clutter
When your brain is surrounded by stimulus—especially clutter—it makes you feel distracted, down or anxious (whether you’re aware of it or not). A few simple steps reduce clutter and welcome serenity into any bedroom. Consider eliminating stimulating items like business documents or books. Clean out overstuffed drawers, packed closets and beneath the bed, as open spaces welcome mental clarity. Finally, reduce light and noise by using blackout curtains and a fan for white noise if necessary.

Banish the Blue Light
Blue or green toned lights from the TV, alarm clock or your smartphone interfere with natural melatonin production, making it harder to sleep through the night. Disconnect from your devices a minimum of half an hour before bed. I like to reduce the temptation to browse Instagram or email before bed by using a charging station strategically placed across the room.

Meditate, Breathe and Stretch
Relax your mind and body with a short meditation, controlled breathing or a slow pre-bed stretch. All three reduce racing thoughts and slow your heart rate. I suggest a guided meditation, the 4-7-8 breathing method or a simple yoga routine to get you started. You’ll notice improved sleep quality almost immediately. It only gets better with consistent practice.

What is your nightly pre-bed beauty routine?
I keep my nightly routine fairly simple. I shower and wash my face with Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam. It leaves me feeling refreshed after a busy day. Afterward, I apply the Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix. The massage applicator is my favorite—it feels amazing! After just a few uses, I noticed that my eyes looked brighter and the surrounding skin feels more hydrated.

What does the rest of your nightly routine look like? How do you wind down from the day?
For me, maintaining an evening ritual is essential to getting a good night’s sleep and allowing my body to recharge for a productive next day. Taking a shower before bed is one of my favorite ways to relax and wash away the day’s stresses. Additionally, I minimize food portions close to bedtime as well as cut back on caffeine and spicy foods. I like to drink chamomile tea in the evening, which is almost instantly relaxing, and for good reason! It’s rich in calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals that naturally relax muscles and nerves.

Do you believe there’s a connection between a good night’s sleep and the way your skin looks the next day? Why or why not?
Making the time to get a full night’s sleep yields powerful results. I not only feel vibrant, but see a renewed brightness in my skin. The body is an amazing thing and very attuned to what you need. It is so important to recharge and take space in order to be your best self.

Quick-fire round:

Number of steps in your nightly skincare routine: 4

Bedtime: 10:30pm

Wake-up call: 6:30am

To hit snooze or not to hit snooze? Never snooze

1 pillow or 2? 2

Quilt or duvet? Both

Tightly tucked in or loose blankets? Loose

PJs: Matching set, or whatever is around? Matching set